Northeast Strings specializes in top quality archery bow strings. We use only the best material on the market, for string material we offer BCY 452X or BCY X99. Both of these string materials are of great quality and really comes down to customer preference. When it comes to serving I only use BCY Halo on our strings, this in my opinion is the most durable material on the market. When new material comes out I am always trying it out and putting it through a variety of tests to see how it holds up to our standard offered material, my goal is to offer my customers the best material on the market.

All of Northeast Strings go through a process I call PSP, this process makes break in period of strings non existent, non of this 50-200 shots to break in a string.

I love talking strings, so if you want to contact me, I would be more than willing to take some time and talk to you about your string needs. Northeast String is a custom building shop so if you are looking to get a little more speed out of your string for 3d/hunting, or a more stable sting for target shooting I am here to help you get the string you are looking for.