Custom Compound Strings

Our Strings are made with the best quality material. We use BCY 452X with Halo Serving on our Pro Competition Strings. With custom strings, the color options are endless.

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Custom Recurve Strings

When you think of Olympic Recurve Strings string material is crucial we use the best, BCY 8125 or 652 Spectra Bowstring with Halo Serving. This string comes in a very wide variety of colors for custom options.

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Strings Are our business

Our process of string building is not one of speed. We take great pride in building our strings to the highest level. We are constantly looking to find the best materials and ways to make our string building process better without ever sacrificing quality. We do not rush our string stretching process to get more stings out the door, nor do we send a string out the door that does not match our standards. If for some reason our string does not meet your standards, we will get you a new string ASAP no charge to you. If there ever comes a time when you have a serving issue, with one of our strings, do to damage or just wear and tear we will replace that serving on that string free of charge.


Questions or Orders

If you are unsure about what you need, or just want to place an order with me over the phone, please feel free to call

Trevor Williamson 413.717.5331

Also feel free to order through email. In the email please include if you are looking for a set (strings and cables) or just the string, along with string type you are looking for as well make, model, and string / cable lengths of the bow. Thank you for trusting Northeast Strings with all your string needs.